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3D printed EEG electrodes!

I spent the day messing around with 1.75mm conductive ABS BuMat filament, trying to create a 3D-printable EEG electrode. The long-term goal is to design an easily 3D-printable EEG electrode that nests into the OpenBCI “Spiderclaw” 3D printed EEG headset. I decided to try to make the electrode snap into the standard “snappy electrode cable” […]

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[Make Magazine] OpenBCI: Rise of the Brain-Computer Interface

I wrote the following article which was published in Volume 41 of Make Magazine! Conor wears an early prototype of the OpenBCI 3D-printable EEG Headset. During this summer’s Digital Revolution exhibition at London’s Barbican Museum, a small brainwave-influenced game sat sandwiched between Lady Gaga’s Haus of Gaga and Google’s DevArt booth. It was Not Impossible […]

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3D printed EEG Headset (aka “Spiderclaw” V1)

The following images are a series of sketches, screenshots, and photographs documenting my design process in the creation of the OpenBCI Spiderclaw (version 1). For additional information on the further development of the Spiderclaw, refer to the OpenBCI Docs Headware section and my post on Spiderclaw (version 2). If you want to download the .STL files to print them yourself or […]

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