OpenBCI Graphical User Interface (GUI)

December 3, 2014


[Image 1] — The OpenBCI Board (with which the OpenBCI GUI interfaces)

Over the course of the late summer and early fall I worked extensively on the OpenBCI Graphical User Interface (GUI). The first version of the application, as seen in [Image 2] below, was developed by Chip Audette, who is one of the biggest OpenBCI contributors and runs the amazing blog EEG Hacker. The GUI is developed in Processing, a Java-based creative coding framework.


[Image 2] OpenBCI GUI – Version 1

I worked on:

[Image 3] OpenBCI GUI - Version2

[Image 3] OpenBCI GUI – Version2

[Image 3] —

[Image 4] — UI controller to manage the system state

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.27.52 PM

[Image 5] — UI controller to manage OpenBCI board channels settings

To download the latest version of the OpenBCI GUI, check out the following Github repo! Don’t hesitate to fork it, make improvements, and try out new features in the developer playground. For more information on how to get up-and-running with the OpenBCI board, check out the following getting started guide on the OpenBCI website.