3D printed EEG Headset (aka “Spiderclaw” V1)

December 17, 2013

The following images are a series of sketches, screenshots, and photographs documenting my design process in the creation of the OpenBCI Spiderclaw (version 1). For additional information on the further development of the Spiderclaw, refer to the OpenBCI Docs Headware section and my post on Spiderclaw (version 2). If you want to download the .STL files to print them yourself or work with the Maya file, you can get them from the OpenBCI Spiderclaw Github repo. Also, if 3D printed EEG equipment excites you, check out my post on 3D printable EEG electrodes!

10-20 System (Scientific Design Constraint)

Concept Sketches

3D Modeling (in AutoDesk Maya)

3D Printing & Assembly

Future Plans