[SHARED] CBCNews Article: EEG Shows Awareness in Some Vegetative Patients

June 26, 2012

A CBCNews article reveals: “Researchers [from the University of Western Ontario London] have discovered they can detect conscious awareness in some patients thought to be in a permanent vegetative state using an inexpensive EEG device that measures electrical activity in the brain.”

Graphic from CBCNews

Credit should be given to principal researcher Dr. Adrian Owen of the Centre for Brain and Mind at the University of Western Ontario; his collaborator, Damian Cruse; and everyone else who is contributing to the research.

Dedicated to my Canadian viewers/collaborators. Keep up the good work! Also dedicated to my grandma, Carillon Leader, who is in the midst of a battle against Pick’s Disease. Hopefully this research will provide new insight into the possibilities of communicating with loved ones that suffer from dementia or other neurodegenerative complications.

G-ma and my brother, Alex