Social EEG Study – Request For Help!

April 30, 2012

Have you ever wondered why you feel the way that you do? Have you ever been interested in seeing exactly how your daily routine affects your moods and emotions? Are you interested in discovering how to “perfect” your routine?  If so, keep on reading.

My good friend, Wojo, and I are undertaking a cutting-edge research study to use personalized EEG – a non-invasive method of neurofeedback – to quantitatively compare common daily activities with various moods and emotions. Before we get started, we’re interested in getting some feedback from you!

As we develop the first iteration of this application, we will be providing the user with 2 lists of manual inputs.  The first list will be a group of “common daily activities” while the second list will be a collection of “common moods and emotions”.  Using passively collected EEG data from the user, we hope to discover discrete correlations between these two categories, while also providing quantitative classifications for various moods and emotions – concepts that have traditionally been understood qualitatively.

If you want to HELP US OUT?!…

PLEASE SEND (Comment or email

1)     a list of daily activities whose effects you are interested in knowing more about.  Examples include:  exercise, nap, eat breakfast/lunch/dinner, work, read, smoke, drink a coffee, play video games, drink alcohol, etc.

2)     a list of moods and emotions that you are interested in understanding more quantitatively.  Examples include:  alert, tired, happy, excited, anxious, sad, depressed, focused, motivated, un-motivated, slow, etc.