CURFC Nude Rugby Calendar

November 15, 2009

While acting as the president of CURFC, my college rugby club, I coordinated the design and mass-printing of a “pseudo-nude” Men’s Rugby Calendar.  The goals for the creation of this calendar were to generate both campus publicity for the club and revenue to help pay for our tour to Paris and Milan in 2010.  The calendar was partly sponsored by C-Spot, an exotic magazine founded at Columbia.  A professional photographer, Harley McGrew, was hired to take and edit the photos.

If you look at the slideshow below, you’ll understand why the club sports office at Columbia did not receive this initiative well.  I decided not to include interior photos of the calendar other than my own just in case any of my rugby comrades intend to go into politics later in life.  As far as my own political aspirations are concerned, if there’s anything that I learned while serving as CURFC’s president, it’s that it’s better to apologize than to ask for permission.  I’m a world-class damage control expert after that job.