Conor Russomanno

Neurotechnologist & Entrepreneur


I come from a mixed background of art, engineering, and design. As an undergraduate at Columbia University, I studied civil engineering & engineering mechanics while teaching computer graphics and developing Unity-based virtual environments under NSF funding. I later discovered brain-computer interfacing (BCI) as a Design & Technology MFA student at Parsons School of Design. I have been tirelessly pushing the industry of BCI forward ever since, making technologies for recording brain activity more cost-effective and accessible to everybody. Having led two successful crowdfunding campaigns, raising close to $500,000, I now spend most of my time building OpenBCI. I also love teaching. I recently taught Creative Coding, Physical ComputingDesigning Consciousness, and a number of other courses at Parsons School of Design. I now teach a course titled Neuromachina: Man & Machine at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.


Work Experience

Meta | Director of Advanced Interfaces
San Francisco, CA (August 2017 — Present)

  • Lead the Advanced Interfaces team, focusing on new interaction paradigms and input modalities for augmented reality (AR).

OpenBCI | Co-Founder & CEO
Brooklyn, NY (June 2013 — Present)

New York University ITP | Adjunct Faculty & “Something In Residence”
New York, NY (Jan 2016 — Present)

  • Courses taught: The Body Electric, Neuromachina: Man & Machine

Parsons School of Design (MFADT) | Adjunct Faculty
New York, NY (Sep 2013 — Dec 2016)

  • Courses taught: OpenBCI: Brain Hacking, Creativity & Computation (JS/Java/Arduino), The Digital Self: Interfacing the Body, Materials Spectrum Lab, Physical Computing, Designing Consciousness, Creative Coding (openFrameworks/C++)

NeuroTechNYC | Founder & Organizer
New York, NY (Jul 2015 — Present)

  • Coordinate monthly hack nights centered around the use of human-computer interface technologies

Felix Intelligent Local Advertising | Front-End Engineer
New York, NY (Jul 2013 — Dec 2013)

  • Designed and implemented internal browser-based dashboards and client-facing sites using Javascript, HTML, and CSS

Brain Interface Lab | Founder & Director
New York, NY (Oct 2012 — June 2013)

  • This is where my BCI journey began and also where the OpenBCI logo originates from


Parsons School of Design | M.F.A. Design & Technology
New York, NY (Aug 2011 — May 2013)

  • Concentrations: brain-computer interfaces, creative coding, physical computing, game design, & illustration

Columbia University | B.S. Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics
New York, NY (Aug 2007 — May 2011)

  • Concentrations: project management, 3D-modeling, computer graphics
  • Led the 3D content creation of a Unity-based virtual world (aka CyberGRID) under an $750M NSF grant

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology
Alexandria, VA (Aug 2003 — May 2007)

  • Ranked #1 Public High School in the U.S. by U.S. News & World Report (2007)

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